My one-way ticket travel


Those who have read my biography already known it but some months ago I decided to quit my job to live the travel of my life : explore Asia without a return ticket. I started my journey by visiting China: 4.509km in 28 days. Then I travelled through Philippines during one month as well. I was in Thailand to met my family and spent unforgettable Christmas and New Year´s Eve with them! The first country of 2020 was Vietnam where I lived my first Workaway. After Vietnam, I returned to Thailand to do a second Workaway which I loved in an hands-off elephant sanctuary. The penultimate stage of my travel was Mynamar where I lived the most enriching human experience of the trip. I spent two weeks in a monastic school sharing the daily life of Buddhist children. If you want to know more about my experiences with elephants and at school in Myanmar check it HERE. Unfortunately the adventure ended in Kuala Lumpur 5 months after my departure. I had to make the difficult decision to shorten the trip and go home because of the critical global Coronavirus situation.

My travel dream is achieved!

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